About Firstmove

Not everyone wishes to be the first. But who doesn’t want to be the first to know? To know what is going to happen 2-5 years in the future in a particular industry or category? To know what the market will demand – when, why and how much.

Not to mention to have this knowledge before one’s competitors have it. The ability to gain a glimpse of the opportunities that lay ahead reveals the potential. It is essential to use this opportune knowledge for developing, adjusting and timing the launch of new products.

We aim to provide the market with the right products and values at the right time. Through this engagement, we secure goals, loyalty, PR value and brand reinforcement.

This gives the companies the opportunity to set the agenda rather than follow it.

Firstmove provides this knowledge and optimal timing, and we convert them into market successes. We are able to do this because we know what will happen, before it happens, before it spreads, and before it loses its momentum.