Firstmove provides valid knowledge of the future market by using a certain method which we have adjusted and perfected over the years. Our knowledge is based on the firstmovers. They represent 3% of the population who are the first to exhibit behaviour and whom the rest of the population emulate over time. By studying the firstmovers, we gain a unique first glimpse into what the future holds. Spotting firstmovers is a science; therefore, we utilise scientific theories of innovation.

Firstmove has developed a particular screening procedure for identifying firstmovers, and this tool is specialised in uncovering their behaviour, motifs, and needs. The screening guide is evaluated and developed continuously in accordance with the changing market. Firstmovers are found in all demographics and in all places. However, the density is greatest in Copenhagen.

At Firstmove, our research technique is exclusively qualitative, and our approach is predominantly explorative. This, combined with our many years of experience, makes us capable of uncovering patterns of consumption and explaining the behaviour behind them.

Firstmove’s specialised approach to the market does away with conventional thinking, segmentation, and understanding of the consumers. At Firstmove, we believe that values determine behaviour because values both maintain and create the identity and lifestyle of the consumer. Indeed, values control and explain market behaviour. In other words, values determine how we fulfil and convert needs. They determine where, what, how, and who we buy from, regardless of gender, age, occupation, and other socio-demographic conditions. The values spread across both b-t-b and b-t-c.

Therefore, a target group is equivalent to its values. By analysing values, we are able to view the market with a deeper perspective because every value speaks to a specific segment and to more target groups at the same time. Values are ever-changing strategic tools, which must be kept up to date and in accordance with the market’s changing needs, thus securing a continuous relevance.

Values concern both the emotional code and approach to the market. They secure a continuous actualised position and the basis of a value proposition that differentiates the company from the rest of the market.