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FIRSTMOVE - 2021 | Arla



Since 2013, Firstmove and Arla have been collaborating on innovating the dairy category. Firstmove has continuously delivered insights into the future of dairy consumption. A category deeply rooted in the past, but also with huge future potential. Through focused studies and presentations, Firstmove has formulated strategy and developed new concepts applied across the business in both Arla, Arla Unika, and Cocio.

Firstmove helped Cocio set the course for the future. Both strategically and in product development. In the context of Arla Unika, this collaboration has led to the dairy product series, Essens. Regarding Arla, Firstmove has developed a range of products and concepts for the pipeline.

The collaboration has also comprised of constructive and strategic discussions regarding both the 2020 milk strategy, as well as new options in sales and distributions for Arla. Likewise, Arla Marketing has attended Firstmoves Trend Tour .