Danske Spil


Like all progressive companies, Danske Lotteri Spil (The Danish Lottery) has found that it is vital to continuously develop its many brands and products. Lotto is a deeply rooted Danish brand that must constantly think ahead and be on the heels of development. Firstmove has helped Lotto with a considerable internal and external innovation process based on an extensive study of the future and a process of innovation, focusing on Lotto’s potential for development.

Despite the fact that Lotto is one of Denmark’s most famous and beloved brands, Lotto and lottery game faces a number of challenges. We have found it extremely useful to have Firstmove and the firstmovers look over the challenges we confront. The combination of the knowledge from Firstmove’s studies of the future and inspiring workshops has given us extremely valuable insights and ideas, which we partly integrate in our innovation process and partly use as a stepping stone to strengthen Lotto as product and brand.
Pernille Wendel Mehl, Managing Director. Danske Lotteri Spil A/S