Nupo is one of most well-documented Danish health products, and wishes to reposition itself to comply with the current and future interpretation of health. The goal is to develop a new Nupo based on a strong and unique value proposition that encapsulates the potential of health. In 2015, Nupo entered into a collaboration with Firstmove in order to look forward and to strengthen the brand.

What will define health in the future and how it will materialize, were some of the questions Nupo asked Firstmove. Based on insight into the behavior and values of the firstmovers, Firstmove produced a new strategic value proposition which revealed, amongst other things, a number of new focus areas and product initiatives, that match future market needs.

Firstmove has delivered strong insights and strategic recommendations, which make the future more tangible. I feel that we are well equipped in carrying Nupo safely into the future.
Jens Torp, CEO, Nupo