The National Ecology Association


In 2014, Økologisk Landsforening (The National Organic Society) developed new ambitions for organic farming and food production. The association wished to identify organics of the future anno 2020.

Firstmove therefore obtained completely new knowledge and insight that provided Økologisk Landsforening with long-termed and short-termed goals to aim for. It provided a strong foundation that now serves future strategic initiatives and counseling services for organics, something which Firstmove has pointed to for many years.

Organic farming and food production are experiencing tail wind. As in the case with everything else, organics must develop continuously. However, which values and needs must organics fulfil looking forward in order to maintain momentum and growth? Through unique strategic insights and operational recommendations, Firstmove has provide Økologisk Landsforening with a very solid platform – for internal and external use – from which the future of organics can be developed.
Helle Bossen, The National Ecology Association