Concept & design

Firstmove creates new marketing concepts. Through prototypes, we present the overall directions for design, products, and packaging. Our conceptualisation illustrates the product’s future market position by focusing on the value proposition. We call this USV (unique selling value).

Our conceptualisations are based on the latest knowledge about emerging market demands and the values that will determine future market behaviour. We obtain this future-based knowledge through the market’s most innovative consumers, the firstmovers, hereby securing a pertinent position within the market. We are constantly looking ahead: we set the tone to secure the correct implementation of values. Our work focuses on differentiating messages, platforms and media, and henceforth adjusting them to target value groups and the market’s time lag.

In addition, Firstmove creates visual identities for companies with logos that embrace strategy, and we develop marketing materials such as websites, brochures, and adverts.