Food Walk ‘n’ Talk

Food Walk ‘n’ Talk is an educational day of inspiration that builds on current and future food trends. The day starts off with a valid insight in future food behavior. Insight on which consumption and behavior the future consumer will show. As well as which motives and values drive this behavior. And not least how these insights can be applied to market initiatives.

Firstmove’s future insights are combined with a sensuous feeling of the current food options. Guided by our business partner, Marie Holm, we visit the most talented and interesting food- and beverage specialists in Copenhagen. Places where craftsmanship, passion and quality are consistent values. We go behind behind the scenes of the most interesting food venues in the city. The pioneers that sets the agenda of the Danish food scene.

The program of the Food Walk ‘n’ Talk follows the market development. Introducing the current and most interesting food and beverage craftsmen and venues. Naturally, it is also possible to book a customized inspirational day.

Food Walk ‘n’ Talk is an all-day event that applies to everyone who has an interest in foods. Including food manufacturers and organizations, as well as publishers and agencies. And for staff across all company levels.

“We had a fantastic and interesting Food Walk ‘n’ Talk-day with Firstmove and Marie Holm. The new trends and varieties of tastes and senses have given substantial inspiration for our future work. I warmly recommend it”
Laurent Ponty, Category Director, Arla