Firstmove facilitates insight-based innovation processes for companies and organizations alike. We have developed two concrete innovation tools called Futuremapping and FoodInnovator. These tools are responsible for the generation of new products, concepts and services for the market. They are agile and can adjust to the latest insight into upcoming market demands, and at the same time, they accommodate the specific challenges the companies face. Moreover, the tools ensure a quick and effective innovation process that results in specific and applicable ideas – ready for conceptualization, test and launch.

Futuremapping is a unique strategic development and innovation tool. This tool is based on future market behavior and classic market approaches, such as marketing mix, segments and occasions. At the crossroads of these approaches to the market, a strategic platform is formed, where new products, concepts and services all targeted to the market are developed.

FoodInnovator is an experience-based innovation tool. It specifically targets the challenges faced by the food industry. The tool operates in the intersection between this future knowledge and different experiences and sensory dimensions, and thus forms a bridge between trends, experiences and innovation.

What the company gains from these innovative tools is an extensive catalogue comprised of a variety of unique ideas based on real market needs. These ideas are further developed into concepts, which we present through values, contents, prototypes, quantities, flavors, sizes, etc.