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FIRSTMOVE - 2021 | Panel test

Panel test

At Firstmove, we market test new concepts and products in addition to testing market acceptance and readiness. Firstmove tests ideas, concepts, prototypes, and existing products. This involves testing flavours, designs, names, packaging, campaign ideas, décor, communication, and other marketing initiatives. A Firstmove panel test focuses on conducting highly specific tests, rather than testing broadly, which would result in an unclear position on the Bell-curve.

Therefore, our focus is on whom we perform the test on and how we undertake the test. We also focus on our own position within the market development. Market adaption and distribution follows a specific process; therefore, our test setup takes into consideration the fact that not everyone is in the market for the same product or concept at the same time.

Our test panel is made up of three selected target groups within the market:

  • Firstmovers seal of approval
  • Nextmovers   acceptance
  • Early mainstream readiness (timing)

Firstmovers are used to test and validate completely new categories, concepts, and product types. The firstmovers are the market’s most innovative consumers. The insight provided by firstmovers forms the basis for developing new marketing initiatives. With this test, the firstmovers provide the essential seal of approval for new focus areas.

Nextmovers are used in the later stages of development. Nextmovers are the first to embrace newness and secure the market’s adaptation. Nextmovers provide us with the important link between the firstmovers and the appealing mass market.

Early Mainstreamers are used to provide knowledge regarding perfect timing. They provide an exact specification concerning the right time for launch.